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If you are looking for some food inspiration, or if you’re confused about where to have your next meal, meet the new generation Joeys of Instagram who not only share their food but also tell you where to eat and what to get. Therefore, here is a list of food pages in Udaipur that you must follow. 


  1. @spoonnsnap

  2. @that.hungry.girl 

  3. @udaipurbhog

  4. @theedibletripper

  5. @eatbyhand_ebh

  6. @the_foodie_lass

  7. @veg.eatarian_foodie 

1) @spoonnsnap by Rajat Mogra

This page brings you the best of taste from his kitchen. His food page accurately highlights the essence of Indian cuisine with descriptive captions related to food. Hence, his views are all you need to decide what you’re going to eat next. One scroll-through feed will take you to a food lover’s paradise. Moreover, the page also focuses on home-cooked food. Reviews, vlogs, place tours, along with places and food expenses, are also covered. If you’re a food lover, then this page is among the top food pages in Udaipur that you must follow. 

2) @that.hungry.girl by Dr. Alisha Menaria

Doing something that you love and turning it into your passion takes a lot of effort and confidence. Alisha is a physiotherapist by profession, and along with that, she’s a food lover. Missing out on her Instagram feed is a risk that you shouldn’t take as they have got drool-worthy pictures of food which will make you crave so many dishes that you’ll end up being spoilt for choices. You can find a detailed description of the dishes, and along with that, prices and locations are also given. This page is among the top food pages in Udaipur. 

3) @udaipurbhog by Sourabh and Sneha Chadha 

Saurabh and Sneha are two bloggers who see the world through hungry eyes. Undoubtedly, they have got the best dishes covered on their blog without compromising on food photography skills. More the number of creators, the more the number of dishes explored! You must not miss out on their page. 

You’ve got to follow “udaipurbhog” – to scroll through a feed loaded with posts of mouth-watering dishes that will give you hunger pangs for sure. They have managed to get the best of recipes reviewed on their feed and, they will leave you spoilt for choices when it comes to hearty meals.

4) @theedibletripper by Ayushi Gang (Food pages in Udaipur)

Ayushi has made sure that her Instagram feed, which goes by the name “theedibletripper”, is a treat to her viewers. She has reviewed it all to get your weekend scenes sorted when it comes to finding exquisite restaurants for mouth-watering dishes. We can’t miss out on her feed when it comes to experimenting with new food. 

She’s also a vlogger, Youtuber, traveler, and influencer. She makes walkthrough videos of new places, and along with that, reviews and prices are also provided. 

5) @eatbyhand_ebh by Shubham Bohra (Food pages in Udaipur)

By looking at Shubham’s Instagram bio, you can tell what a food lover he is!! We bet you that one will end up getting hunger pangs by scrolling through his feed, and it is sure to cause some extreme cravings when hunger calls. If you are a food lover and you miss out on this blog, know that you’re already committing a crime!

Shubham provides a detailed description of the food and food prices along with the venue and ambiance.”eatbyhand_ebh” page is among the top food pages in Udaipur that you must follow. 

6) @the_foodie_lass by Neha Soni (Food pages in Udaipur)

Neha shares her love for food and travels through her page, “the_foodie_lass” should be on your list if you’re trying to find the best dishes in town. She has got everything covered from quick-bites to street food, delicious desserts to refreshing drinks. You’ve got to follow her to know the real food trends.

You can find all types of food and beverages with a detailed discussion along with prices and location. “the_foodie_lass” is among the food pages in Udaipur that you must follow. 

7) veg.eatarian_food by Pragya Baya (Food pages in Udaipur)

As her Instagram bio reads, Good food = Good mood, which shows how important food is for her. Hence, her undying love for food and photography led to the birth of “veg.eatarian_food”. The best thing about the page is that it doesn’t centralize itself on just fancy restaurants but also tends to explore hidden food gems and stories of the city. She has got it all covered for you from street food to food from the Palace. Therefore, “veg.eatarian_food” is among the most vibrant food pages in Udaipur that you must follow. 

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