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Udaipur – The city of lakes is not a destination whose beauty can be confined in words. The end number of Ghats here never fails to amaze me with their serenity. Well, one such ghat is Gan-Gaur Ghat, and as the name suggests, this place plays an essential point in the Gangaur festival, which is a famous festival of Mewar.

This beautiful ghat is in front of Lake Pichola and what makes it stand out from the crowd is its location. The ghat is located in the heart of the city near Jagdish Chowk area and it being situated in the old city is the bonus point for exploring the culture, traditional cuisines and much more.

Sunrises and sunsets of this ghat make it even more special. When the colours of the sky fall on the waters of Lake Pichola, you witness a scenic view that works as an ultimate treat to the human soul. Well, if you are someone who loves to enjoy the beauty of nature, skipping this Ghat is not a good idea. Whereas, it is recommended to plan your visit in the latter part of the day because mornings are a bit noisy because of the daily activities of locals.

The Ghat remains the most crowded on the days of these traditional festivals of Mewar, such as Gangaur and Jal Jhulni Ekadashi. Gangaur Ghat also plays a vital role in festivals like Navratri. During the festivals like Gangaur, women come here all dolled up in traditional attires and worship Gan ( Lord Shiva ) and Gauri and ask wishes as per their beliefs. The situation is not different in other festivals.

The serenity of this place makes it picturesque and youth come here to get their pictures clicked. Even Bollywood cannot ignore the beauty of this ghat, and the movies like Yeh Jawaani Hae Diwani and Ram Leela have been shot here. Thus, it hasn’t failed to attract people from different corners of the world. Tourists come here to relish the traditional cuisines available nearby.

If you are someone who is planning your trip to Udaipur, Gangaur Ghat is a must-visit site. Moreover, you can also visit Bagore ki Haveli, which is situated near Ghat. This Haveli is also an ancient site, and it is worth visiting. The Ghat offers really good eateries nearby, which includes Lake Café, Jheel Ginger Coffee Bar & Bakery, etc.

Hence, even if you are a local or someone based in the extreme corner of the world, this place will give another height to your exploration. Therefore, visiting here is a lifetime experience.

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