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Jai Shri Bherunath Fastfood Corner

Well ,who doesn’t like to relish Indian – Chinese food around the evenings when hunger start hitting us? So do I.
I have always been a foodie from the core of my appetite which demands Chinese Street food every other day.

And, there is this loved fast food Corner near to my house known as Jai Shri Bherunath Fastfood Corner. They serve their take on Chinese food imbibed in the seasoning of cultural hits. Moreover, they serve all kinds of Indian Chinese food which includes Noodles, Chilli Potato, Chinese Fried Rice and what not.

This shop was started by Mr. Govind Singh in 2008 and is located on Surajpole Road.The kind of sizzling taste of those chilly potatoes still gives me nostalgia even though I shifted to a new city now.

But whenever I visit home, having street food at Jai Shree Bherunath Fastfood Corner is a must. His addition of flavors while serving the platter is beyond words.

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