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Paliwal Restaurant

I love to travel to different places, and Can you imagine traveling without food? No na, yes even I can’t imagine, so I am a big foody too. Hahaha, I know it’s pretty funny, but no issue, I am ok with it.

So let me tell you a story from my life. Once I visited Udaipur with a few of my friends. Udaipur, doesn’t it sound cool? Yes, it is fantastic as well as memorable to visit Udaipur. We were near the City palace and enjoyed the views and interaction with people from different cities and countries. Suddenly one of my friends asked us to eat something, and after a lot of searching we reached”Paliwal restaurant.” Paliwal restaurant is 42 years old and was established by Mr. Satyanarayan.

We looked at the menu and were confused about what to order. After a lot of chit-chat and discussion, we decided to order something different that was “hing kachori.” We enjoyed kachori a lot. There were different varieties of food like jalebi, samosa, Mirchi bada, and many more. Heeng kachauri is famous from there, and I think it is meant to be recognized. After having kachoris, we went to the owner for more information. He told us that this shop had been open for the last 42 years, and now he and his three brothers manage it. They open it at 7:00 AM and stop the services at 2:00 AM. Every person in that shop was very cooperative, and I think that the best thing that happened to me was having a hing kachori in Udaipur

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