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Puppet shows are world-famous and are a must-watch when visiting Udaipur or any city of Rajasthan. But have you ever thought about how puppets are made? Why are Puppet shows done? 

To get answers to these questions, one must visit a store in Udaipur, Rajasthan named “UNIVERSITY OF ARTS.” It is located at 166 Jagdish Marg, City Palace road. Rajesh Gurjar Gaud established it in 1994 and is widely known for hand-made puppets made with the help of local women. They even perform puppet shows to attract the crowd at City Palace. In addition, they’re often invited to perform puppet shows in different countries, such as in Europe.

Puppet shows are performed to stay connected with the Marwari culture and keep it alive in younger generations. Mainly in a puppet show, they recite the stories of Raja Amar Singh in different villages. In the era of mobile phones and television, people still enjoy the creativity of puppets and the art of puppet shows.

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