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Ambrai Ghat, famous among the locals as Manjhi ghat or Hanuman ghat, is a tourist spot recognised for its serene beauty and ambience. It offers a different kind of pleasure that is beyond expressions and words. The best part about this ghat is, it has something or other to provide to all the age groups. So, no matter which age group you belong to, you will find your solace in one form or another.

There are several spots in Udaipur which offer views that are a treat to the human soul. But, out of all these, I must say this one stands out of the crowd. When the reflection of the sky falls on Lake Pichola, the view is so delightful that it leaves you astonished by the beauty.

All age groups love the location. Hence, when one visits this ghat at sunrise, one will find many older adults doing yoga, and those are the hours when the ghat is not that busy. Whereas, if you visit in the later hours that is by the time of sunsets you will find it crowded. People visit here in the evenings to relieve the stress of their hectic schedule while sipping tea and enjoying the scenic beauty. The breeze flowing over the fresh waters of Lake Pichola will make you fall for the tranquillity of the place.

Ambrai Ghat is also famous as the couple’s hangout spot, and people do visit here to capture scenic views , and also pre-wedding shoots are common. Moreover, the best part about this ghat is the kind of ambience it offers. It is surrounded by many restaurants and hotels which have lip-smacking continental and traditional cuisines which take you back to the royal days. The places to have good food around here include Ambrai restaurant.

This place has so much to offer that it makes your soul feel rejuvenated every time you visit here.


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