I dream of the ancient times with a thought in my mind that how can people who were involved in administration and all sorts of other works in a state could use organic ways to the best.

And, one such gift to the city of Udaipur is Lake Badi which is famously known amongst the locals as Badi Talab. This lake was built to divide the water flow out of the town to emerge out as a boon during famines and if any other critical situation occurs.

History of the Lake Badi –

The lake was built under the kingship of Maharana Raj Singh 1 in 1680. The primary purpose of this lake was to reduce the adversities that famine and drought could bring to the city. The lake was also named Jiyan Sagar, which was because of the name of the King’s mother, Jana Devi.

Well, if we peep into the past, the lake has justified the expectations of Maharana because it turned out to be the saviour of the city during the drought that happened in 1973 and supplied water to the town.

A Tourist attraction in recent times –

Badi Lake or Jiyan Sagar has located 12 km outside the city of Udaipur. It covers around 155 km square and has a barrier of 18m in width and 180 m long. Situated amidst the lush green Bahubali Hills, which is also a trekking way, and it takes around 30 min. So, if you are somebody who is too much into tracking and scenic view fascinates you, then lake badi is a treat to your soul. The lake is one of the finest freshwater lakes and is famous for the tranquillity it offers to visitors. Moreover, the variety of flora and fauna it has, connects you to nature in other worldly ways. You can visit there and enjoy your evenings tea and coffees below the chattris.

Things to do –

The Lake has so much tangibility to offer rather than materialistic things. You can plan your picnics with your friends or families and enjoy the abundance of nature and scenic views at the same time. The architecture of chhatris all around the dam has royal vibes, and they are designed beautifully.

How to reach?

The lake is located 12 km away from Udaipur city so that you can avail the services of public or private cabs anytime. Well, if you are a tourist and want to enjoy the traditionality of the state, then you can take rides of tuk-tuk and tongas at the lake.

So, What are you waiting for?

पधारो नी माहरे देस!


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