Shri Mansapoorna Karni Mata mandir, which is famously known as Karni Mata mandir among the locals, is a beautiful temple located on the bank of Lake Doodh Talai Lake. Karni Mata Mandir is a Hindu shrine located on the hills which are known as Machala Magra.

The scenic beauty of this place is enough to grab your attention and will make you fall for it within seconds.

It has been heard through locals about the beliefs of the temple that if someone visits this shrine twice in a day, all the wishes of them are fulfilled by Mansapoorna Karni Mata, even the name Mansapoorna stands for “the one who fulfils wishes”. Moreover, it has also been said that if you feed the rats here in this temple,it results in bringing good vibes and values in your life.

History of Karni Mata mandir:-

The temple has the idol of Karni Mata, who has been praised over the years. It is usually claimed by the locals that Karni Mata, whose original name was Ridhu Bai and was considered to be the reincarnation of Goddess Durga. She lived the life of a sage even though she was born in the famous charan clan of Jodhpur as the seventh daughter in the year 1387.

 The temple was constructed under the orders of Maharana Karan Singh. He decided to make this temple after he conquered the area of Machala Magra Hills. The structure of the temple started in the year 1620, and it continued till 1628.Being located on the hills, this temple was not so popular among the locals and the tourists. After 1997, when the Karni Mata Development committee started the temple’s renovation, this place earned its deserving prominence. To date, it is complete with devotees and tourists visiting from across the globe.

Now, the renovated version of the temple has got everything covered, from the proper staircases to the shops of refreshments nearby, which have made it convenient for the visitors to reach the temple easily.

How to reach the Karni Mata Mandir?

The locals are now well aware of the temple, and being a shrine located in the middle of the city it becomes easy for one to reach out to this place.

Moreover, if you are a visitor and planning to visit this place for the first time, then for the reference I must tell you that this place is located 25 km away from the airport, after getting a stay at an accomodation of your convenience you can visit here through private cab or local conveyance which involves rickshaw etc. If one is coming via Railway station, it is about 4-5 km away from there, making it even more accessible to visit here.

After reaching Dudh Talai Lake, no vehicles are allowed in this region, which also makes it pollution-free, and that’s what makes it stand out from the crowd. If you have many places in the list to visit the same day or if you’re looking for better convenience, you can take the ropeway which will take you directly to the temple. If you want to enjoy this place as a trekking experience, there are adventurous ways followed by staircases and a complete view of the scenic beauty of the city of Udaipur, which makes it a suitable venue for people from any age group.

What are the timings to visit Karni Mata Mandir?

If you want to visit this beautiful shrine imbibed with scenic beauties, the suitable time to be here is in the morning between 04:30 a. m. to 07:00 a. m. After this timing, the gates to the shrine are open from 10:00a. m. in the morning till 13:30 p. m. whereas for the evening aarti, the temple is open from 05:00 p. m. to 07:30 p. m.

There are many other wonders about this place, which are beyond expression and words and to experience that I won’t fall back to request you to visit here.


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