Ever wondered why Udaipur is profoundly called the ‘city of lakes’? Amidst the beauty that one sees on the outside; be the hues of lakes, the exquisite framework of palaces, there is so much yet to discover. Because when we dive deeper, there lies vast history- with a whole leap of mystery.

This is our purpose. To exhibit to you that things aren’t just black and white, there are lots and lots of gray. That there are shades of this city, we are yet to unfold, yet to explore. And how do we do it? Quite conveniently, by staying in touch with you through various platforms of media presented to all of us around the globe.

Without a doubt, the sprouting tourism here in Udaipur is what displays that the dynamics of what we call the Venice of the east, are quite inevitable. The innumerable shades are definitely abstract in their forms. Surrounded by the stunning Aravali range, there comes no surprise why it the dubbed as the ‘most romantic spot’ on the continent of India. The capital of the Mewar Kingdom is set around a series of artificial lakes, and lavish royal residences that keep not only the tourism but the locals of the city to flow in virtuous of the monumental complexes, the extravagant courtyards and gardens, and the sacred temples that set belief in whoever visits.

We are here to represent these diverse elements of Udaipur to you. Created by Gagan Sharma, this local and travel website displays the places of serene beauty, the uncharted history of palaces, the contemporary events, undiscovered facts and more. The expansion and bloom of the city are right here with us. Surely, the wait has ended, so delve into the contrasting and intriguing shades of Udaipur.


Udaipur- the splendid city of lakes, and palaces, of course. The astounding views and aura of the city without a doubt deserves to have a platform to serve what all it is inclusive of. We first started off this as a local travel blog, but the rate at which it bloomed overwhelmed each one of the expertise team in our digital marketing agency- LittleOutoftheBox.

The blog was established by Gagan Sharma as a means to spread the diverse elements of Udaipur to the audience- you. It is inclusive of all the events, places, and the lakes that make the city such an alluring place to be. Truly, the purpose hasn’t changed over these years that passes but the manner we exhibit, surely has. The shades that this city unfolds are simply magnificent. It will leave you spellbound, without a doubt. The flourishing side of the city is what is stored in for you here. Don’t miss the remarkable opportunity to cherish the beauty of the town with us.

You can reach out to us by this local and travel website, our social media handles, or directly contact us if you have stored something in for us or you! We have been transparent and open to our audience, and definitely there is no point in changing that now, or in the coming years ahead of us. so, enjoy the prolonged beauty that the Venice of the east serves to you.

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