Udaipur has its renowned name- ‘the city of lakes. Profoundly, Udaipur is also deemed to be called as one of the most romantic spots on the continent of India. But what’s more to the amidst location will be breathtaking, almost extravagant for most of you. Rather charmingly,  for the copious mysteries, it carries with it.


   1.  The City Palace

It is one of the largest palace complexes in Udaipur and is considered to be one of its types in the state of Rajasthan. Contrary to what any rational person might think, it is not only known for the Maharanas administering and living their kingdom from this palace (also making it a famous historic landmark), but it has been known far and wide for the popular culture it has created with the filming of the 1983 James Bond movie ‘Octopussy’. The full disclosure compels me to flabbergast you with the fact that during the forming of democratic India in 1949 (after the independence in 1947), the palace substantially lost its ownership but regained it subsequently along with the successor kings.

     The stunning location in Udaipur is now known for owning numerous parts of the palace as heritage hotels. And as we all know, that is how tourism flows in…

   But the palace is not the only location that gets it going, it’s the hues of lakes, the startling temples, the stupifying gardens like Gulab bagh, the flora and fauna that would leave you coming for more.


    2.  The Lake Palace

The Lake Palace
The Lake Palace

Once a summer palace in Udaipur of the Sisodia rulers turned into what now is called Lake Palace (or Jag Niwas)  is voted the most romantic hotel in the world- and of course, in India. This is where all the fairytale weddings and magical honeymoons take place. The floating palace is located across from the comparatively larger City Palace. The Venice of the east, here, also offers a special tour of vintage cars.

    3.  Fatehsagar lake

 The lakes in Udaipur make it a dream destination for almost every tourist or visitor. What’s more?  These lakes serve as a lifeline for many centuries now, and why wouldn’t they? It just comes naturally…

Fatehsagar is one of the four lakes that was once known as a Connaught dam. What is surely going to stagger you is that it was built as a remembrance of the visit of the son of queen Victoria- Duke of Connaught! But the city always leaves room for more mystery with tons of history.

4. Moti Magri (Udaipur)

Moti Magri-also is known as pearl hill, not only has been a memorial of the great warrior Maharana Pratap, but it also pays tribute to the Haldighati Battle. This place in Udaipur surely gives a perceptive way to learn more about the small hill- along with the Aravali hills in the scenic background.

5. Gulab Bagh (Udaipur)

One of the largest urban parks in India- The Sajjan Niwas Garden is a major highlight of Udaipur due to its abundance yet well-organized rose beds. Although the roses aren’t solely the reason behind the creation of this alluring beauty- it was originally made as a wish Maharana Sajjan Singh of Mewar had. The wish was to stock the garden with curing herbs and medicinal shrubs in Udaipur which led him to make what now is an immense sheet of rich roses and more. This place makes the Udaipur city evermore scenic to the locals as well as the tourists.

6. Jagdish Temple (Udaipur)

In the stunning Udaipur city, the lakes and palaces don’t have it all. The temples are what sets the religious beliefs- amongst many of the locals as well as the tourists. Without a doubt, it would be difficult to challenge the beliefs of the olden days, but it is said that the marble slab in the Jagdish temple holds magical powers. Rubbing your shoulder, back, or knees on the marble accentuates a quick relief against the throbbing pain.

Towards the end, the city of lakes, with each day undermines the history to the locals, visitors, and tourists. The unfolding of such kinds of mysteries is what makes everyone hooked to the stories.

7. Sajjangarh Palace (Udaipur)

   This stunning architectural complex in the Udaipur city is commonly known as Monsoon Palace, commonly by tourists and common residents of the city. It was built in the 19th century and it was consequently used by the great successor Maharana Fateh Singh who used it to analyze and check the monsoon clouds. Many of the residents and tourists still are unaware of the prospects this exquisite palace serves.

     It is known that it collects rainwater for harvests which is capable of storing up to 195,500 liters. But it was found to be acc little storage for harvest by many and due to this adequate supply, the Palace was later abandoned.

   8. Ambrai Ghat (Udaipur)

Previously this resplendent Ghat was quite famously known as Manjhi Ghat where it passes through the old streets that are also known as the ‘old city’ in Udaipur. This place has a peek wind chill and one can easily spot children flaring their kites in the hues of the sky.

     The Ghat is one of the many romantic soots for couples and has witnessed many pre-wedding photoshoots.

9. Baghor Ki Haveli (Udaipur)

The stunning palace cum museum has a lot stored in for the residents and the tourism that flows in the Udaipur city. Divided into numerous sections like the weapon section, the puppet section and so much more to explore. The lobby in the museum depicts various paintings that give a reflection of what the royal age might have looked like.

   There are paintings of the kings prepared for the war, and one can conveniently admire the enthralling craftsmanship and architecture of the Haveli in the Udaipur city.

Towards the end, the city of lakes, with each day undermines the history to the locals, visitors, and tourists. The unfolding of such kinds of mysteries is what makes everyone hooked to the stories.


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