Udaipur Monsoon hill station

Monsoon – the word itself is enough to paint a beautiful picture of lush green hills amidst the freshness of dewy petrichor. This season is indeed the perfect one to convince yourself to take a break from the monotonous routine and find solace in the arms of nature.

Udaipur, as we all know, seems to be at the pinnacle of elegance and beauty during the monsoons. So here we put forward some of the breathtakingly beautiful hilly destinations for a perfect weekend getaway nearby Udaipur.

1. Kamalnath

The Kamalnath temple is situated at a distance of approximately ​60/80​km from Udaipur in Jhadol amidst the admirable Awargarh hills. The rich dense forests and the hilly steep roads leading to the destination account for the charismatic beauty of the place. The most peculiar thing about the temple is the age-old ritual of worshipping Ravan – the mythical demon king of Lanka before worshipping Lord Shiva. It is believed that when Lord Brahma tried to sabotage Ravan’s religious austerity, he immediately cut his head off and used it as an offering to please Lord Shiva. As a reward of his utmost dedication and devotion, Lord Shiva granted him the boon of having nectar in his navel.

2. Keleshwar

Located at a distance of 35 km from Udaipur, the Keleshwar temple is one of the oldest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to the localities, its origin dates back to more than a thousand years. The temple is said to have been named by Maharana Pratap – the most valiant king of Mewar. Before the construction of a proper temple, one could always spot a natural parasol formed by the leaves of banana plants atop the shivling. The presence of a natural waterfall nearby adds on to the scenic beauty of the destination.

3. Jarga Ji

Jarga Ji, the fourth highest peak of the mighty Aravali ranges, lies at an altitude of 1431 meters. It is home to numerous worth-visiting spots including the four-headed shivling, share Mata temple, and Ramdev temple to name a few. The serene atmosphere in the arms of nature casts an enticing spell on the visitors. It is believed that the founder of the Mewar dynasty, Bappa Rawal, rewarded Jarga Ji for his austerity by naming the peak after him. Some other prevalent stories portray him as a dedicated and selfless devotee of RamDevJi. The place indeed is a perfect blend of beauty and bliss.

4. Raita hills

Surrounded by lush green valleys on both sides, the way to raita hills is an epitome of ethereal elegance. It is the perfect getaway for all the shutterbugs, snappers, and nature lovers. It is approximately a 20-25 km ride from Udaipur. The frequent showers of rain during the monsoons seem to rejuvenate the entire atmosphere making it even harder to resist paying a visit.

 5. Sajjangarh

Known as the Monsoon Palace of Udaipur, Sajjangarh is a magnificent ancient palace named after Maharana Sajjan Singh. With its marble floors, pillars, and floral carvings, it acts as an exquisite example of the vibrant Rajasthani architecture and holds an immense historical significance. It offers an exhilarating scenic view of the city along with its lakes. For all those who have a thing for sunsets, Sajjangarh is a perfect choice. During monsoons, one can feel the cold winds carrying the fragrance of freshness caressing their cheeks gently and leaving behind a soothing effect.


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