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India is the nation of immense natural beauty and when it comes to the beautiful water bodies, we as a nation stand out of the crowd. We have a number of waterfalls,rivers and lakes.

Udaipur, famously known as the lake city of India or the Venice of East and as the name suggests, it is famous for its lakes. And all these lakes include one more such lake that is Fatehsagar lake.

Fatehsagar lake is the second largest artificial lake and the beauty of this lake is beyond words and it is a famous hangout point amongst the locals as well as the tourists.So, if you want to enjoy your relaxed evenings by the scenic beauty then this is one of the must visit sites.Being located in the lush green Aravalli Hills is what makes it a better choice.

History of Fatehsagar lake

The lake was made under the kingship of Maharana Jai Singh somewhere around the 16th century but soon due to some reasons it did not gain that attraction. Thus, In the 19th century Maharana Fateh Singh decided to build a dam over the lake because of which it has got the present view and to honour such a renovation of the lake, this lake was then named as Fatehsagar Lake. It covers the area which is around 4 kilometers square.

Present day attraction of the lake

Due to its scenic beauty which is also because of the kind of location, it has always attracted the tourists and locals to spend their evenings by the side of the lake.It is the compilation of three islands out of which one island has Udaipur Solar Observatory which offers the best view to stars beyond the sky.Whereas the immense beauty of the lake is mesmerizing enough for you to plan for a picnic or a birthday celebration over there. Also, it holds various attractions and cultural events occasionally.It also has boating facilities to make it a complete family trip.

Well when it comes to the Boat ride,₹15-30 (Indians) and ₹ 60-125 (Foreigners). And for Motorboat, ₹ 200 (Adult) and 100 (Child) whereas for Speedboat ₹ 200 for 30 minutes (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM).

How to reach Fatehsagar lake?

In order to reach Fatehsagar Lake, you can get private cabs from any corner of the city. Moreover, if you are thinking about the public conveyance you can get yourself tongas and rickshaws which will take you till the lake easily and also at a cheaper cost.


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