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Venda Vada pav is a street food shop owned by Mr Bhagwati Prasad Kachawa. The shop was opened some 9 years ago by Mr Bhagwati prasad. You can find the shop at 100 feet road near dandvan. Contact no: 9772260401.

You can find different varieties of fast food here. The speciality of the shop is its vada pav, you find 18 types of vada pav here. They started with just 5 variety of vada pavs and now they have made it to almost 45 different variety. The taste of all the different vada pavs and aloo tikki is unique and gives a different flavour. The most famous type of the vada pav is its mayonnaise vada pav. A typical vada pav is a bread cut in half and a deep-fried potatoes sandwiched between them. Different spices and rich flavours make it a delicious meal to enjoy. At Venda vada pav, you can have these different varieties of street food at a good bargain.

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