Now is the exquisite time when India celebrates it’s most extravagant and flamboyant festivities. 

Durga Pujo in the East, Dussehra in the North, Navaratri in the West and Vijayadasami in the South.

All of these festivities bring people together, ignite the spirit of camaraderie and eradicate the notion of misunderstanding. Sweets, music, dance, celebrations: these are the indicators of how the people of India embezzle the misunderstanding of the yesteryear and instill the sense of unity. 
But these festivities must have an underlying concept, an inception, so strong, that has mind-melded 1.2 billion people into believing that these festivities are to bring us not only together, but their wishes being fulfilled by a universal force, so strong, that it is beleived to move mountains: Faith.

“Faith can move mountains.”

An expression, so strong, that it has its roots thousands of years in history. 
Lord Hanuman, lifting a mountain. Moses, parting a river. Noah, creating a huge Ark. Lord Shiva, holding a river in his locks. Jesus, resurrecting for his followers. 

These mere stories are legends for us now. Believing these to be true, we are guided by such a notion, that if we are backed by the blessings of such forces, we can conquer the globe.

Faith is the act of having a belief in a force.

That force drives us ahead.

Here, the very force has divided us into Believers and Atheists.  But, whatever demarcation this faith has brought upon us, this is a clear indicator that faith has people unite- in the name of God, in the name of Religion, in the name of Belief.

We as the new generation, the torch bearers of the future to come, have a huge responsibility. The culture, traditions are fading away, I must say. But according to Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, things that evolve, survives.

We might not believe in the miraculous tales of fantastic feats executed by our forefathers, but, there’s one thing for sure:

“It is not a mere coincidence that we exist, that we are at a perfect distance from the Sun, that the meteor hit the Earth at the right moment, and we came into being.”

There is more than we can see, more than we can observe. Something, some power that creates, destroys and maintains balance in this Universe.

Call, it God, call it the Almighty. I call it Faith.

And, Faith can move Mountains!


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