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Lake Udaisagar, one of the ancient lakes of Udaipur which is as old as the city. It is one of the five most famous lakes which defines the beauty of Udaipur. Lake Udaisagar is loved as the tourist spot by the locals and is the evidence of glorious weekends of local people. Whereas it is equally loved by the tourists.

History of Lake Udaisagar

The construction of this lake was started by Maharana Udai Singh in 1559 and the process continued till year 1565.The construction of the lake was the result of a dam, whose construction was started in year 1559 over the Berach River.And, the major reason of the dam’s construction was to ensure that water reaches the whole area under his kingdom. Moreover, during the monsoon one channel of the dam is opened every year and the overflowing lake is connected to River Berach.

If we dive deep into the historical aspect of the lake, the banks of Lake Udaisagar witnessed many historical events which also includes one of the event of river Berach in 1579 where Kunwar Mann Singh asked Maharana Pratap Singh to surrender his powers over his kingdom in front of Mughal Shahensah Akbar.

Present day attraction of Lake Udaisagar

The lake covers an area of 4km length and the width of around 2.5 km and is deep to the level of around 9m maximum. And nowadays the water of the lake Udaisagar is used in the zinc smelter close to Debari. The lush green mountains across the ways are enough to make you feel in heaven.

How to reach Lake Udaisagar?

Well, you can reach the lake very easily as it is located within the city and you can easily book yourself a private cab or the public transport.



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