Neemach Mata Mandir

I have always been fascinated by hills and mountains and when I discuss this fascination of mine with my Dadi(Grandmother), she always tells me that even Goddesses could not save themselves from falling for mountains.

And, years later when I went to Udaipur, what she told me turned out to be true.I went to Neemach Mata Mandir the previous day and this holy shrine is located on the hills between the lush greenery that I could not stop myself from praising it over and over again.

History of Neemach Mata Mandir-

The Neemach Mata Mandir is located on the green hill which is known as Dewali beside the banks of Fateh Sagar lake which is also a famous tourist spot of the city.It is the Hindu temple which has the idol of Neemach Mata, who is also known as the reincarnation of Devi Amba along with this, the place is also famous for the idol of lord Ganesha and three- faced lion.

Well, if we come to the history of this temple. It was built around the year 1652 by Thedokot families of Udaipur, reason being Neemach Mataji is also known as the Kuldevi of Dokot community of Bhatnagar. On the occasions of Hariyali Teej, Gan-Gaur etc, all the families of the community assemble here and celebrate the festivals with love and compassion.It is also claimed by the locals and pujari of the temple that the Idol of Neemach Mataji came out of the stem of Neem tree and that’s the reason it has been named as Neemach mata.Where as if you enter the temple the idol of lord Ganesha and three faced lion who is also known as Kotwal among the locals is idolised on the entrance of temple.

The beliefs related to the temple are endless. It is also claimed by the locals that people from far distances travel here to ask Neemach mata to fulfill their wishes and by drawing numbers with the help of sindoor over the walls.

The beauty of this place is beyond words and you could never have enough of it.

How to reach Neemach Mata Mandir?

The temple is located in lavish greenery on lavish hills of Dewali in the area called Fatehpura. It is situated in an area which is far from the city and that is what makes it pollution free too. To reach the temple of Neemach Mach Mata, you can easily reach till Fateh Sagar lake through local and private conveyances. After reaching the lake, you have the option to reach the temple through staircases and the slope too. You have to climb 900 meters in order to reach the temple and that’s the reason why the locals of Udaipur also call it Udaipur ki Vaishnodevi.

While walking towards the temple you would enjoy the view of the whole Udaipur along with it’s lakes and that’s what makes it way different from other places of Udaipur.

The authorities of the temple have taken care about the convenience of the visitors to its best by providing proper railings all across.

There is so much about the temple which you can only feel while visiting the temple. It involves positive energies, vibes, the quotes you see all over and much more.

Well Udaipur never stop to amaze me with its shrine and scenic beauty to which this is also a story of a beautiful holy shrine of Neemach Mata Mandir.


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