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Well, we all know how scary and uncertain this quarantine situation is for all of us today. However, let us just acknowledge the fact that this surely does not stop you from enjoying and cherishing all your favorite meals! Am I right or am I wrong? Therefore, we have some yummy-yum delicacies for you all that you can try this season, to binge on and eat at your home. In addition, without the fear of that, let us just begin to explore all the delicacies and their sweet and spicy recipes overview that has been waiting for you ahead.


For this, we would be requiring the following ingredients;

1.      Some soy sauce

2.      Brown sugar

3.      Garlic powder

4.      Vegetable or olive oil

5.      Mixed veggies

Once you are done with being arranged with all the ingredients, you are guided to mix them all in the right quantity in a bowl. Then, you need to stir and fry them in the heating oil for about 10 minutes. Finally, you can remove the dish from the heat and serve it with the delectable soy sauce.

•        The pasta-Licious

This recipe goes fine and delights your mouth to the core with its luscious covering. Believe us, you will not be disappointed.

For this, you would require;

1.      Boiled pasta

2.      Apple sauce

3.      Butter

This easy to make food is here to soothe your soul for lunchtimes! You simply need to stir it up and mix all of them well with the desired quantity until you know the ingredients suit you perfectly. The bright and bold dish is ready for you to binge-watch or work from home this quarantine.


    Well, we all know about the nutritional benefits our mother has taught us about how healthy rice and beans are for our health. What we can do here is add a pinch of chutney or your favorite masala to add the perfect flavors to your go-to meal of what is typically called  ‘rajma chaawal’. 

This good to go recipe will not only fill your stomach to come back for more, but also would make you try this with all your fun meals with rice, and what not! Hopefully, this could be the perfect cuisine you could ask for this quarantine.


This restaurant-style meal is what everyone has been wishing for this quarantine. And we are here with the perfect recipe that would make this dish good to go for perhaps, dinner time?

     The butter paneer masala can be made by knowing the correct styles from your mom, but to add a little more flavor, it would be best to cook the gravy of this dish with tomatoes and onions that would go hand in hand in making the dish even more luscious to your lips. This would come out to be so sweet and yum to your endorphins.

1.      Another quick tip to make it is to blend it in a very smooth puree

2.      Before adding the paneer or tofu (if at all you are vegan), butter and the cream.

3.      This will make you dive deeper and lick your fingers until the bowl is empty.

You must know that the method of making this may vary a lot with varying people, but following these steps would make it a great match for you and your appetite.


Wait, did we miss the breakfast?  There could be nothing better than the appetizing pancakes with the scoop of chocolate syrup and maple syrup (whatever your heart screams this quarantine) and can have it with a fresh fruit juice to add the cherry on the top.

  To make it even more palatable, the savory of caster sugar goes just right along with a hint of lemon wedges to serve with.

   To get the best results:

1.      Allow the batter of the pancakes to be settled for five minutes.

2.      Wrap it in aluminum foil.

3.      Deep freeze it for 10 minutes to get the brighter picture.

There you go with the perfect meals for day and night during quarantine that will help you survive this pandemic mess. Until then, we need to keep our hopes just straight and right, hoping for the best while we tantalize our taste buds!

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