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10 Things To Do With Your Gang While Quarantine

Ever wondered that you would get an opportunity to save the world by simply staying at home and watching TV or something? Well, this is the right time to become a hero, but here are all the ways you can do it with style and not get bored too! So there you go, with the 10 remedies to kill your time in the right fashion.


During quarantine, you can practice mindfulness, which is by maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of your conscience and thoughts, bodily sensations and by focusing on our breaths.  Some instances can include paying attention, living in the moment, accepting yourself the way you truly are. Mindfulness tunes your thoughts in accordance with what you have been sensing and makes the present moment the focal point.

          It is also inclusive of treating and loving yourself like you rather would than a good friend. It is interesting to note that mindfulness helps you to slow down any anxiety or depression you might feel you have. Hence, it would enable you to open up and accept your emotions more often. This would surely make you calmer and engaging in life after quarantine.


To make this quarantine more exciting for you, you can plan different sorts of challenges at home. How if you ask, the answer is simple. You can simply engage yourself in innumerable challenges on social media. So go ahead and try out that ice bucket challenge you always planned for and never did or something you always wanted to do with your family. It could be literally anything!

     You can also have a food challenge. The catch-22 here is that the lesser the appeal of the food, the better the challenge becomes. Therefore, this quarantine season, embrace the challenges you wanted to do for a very long time and do it while you’ve still got some left. 


This is the time you make the most out of your quarantine! It is important to realize that you are definitely not alone in this. You, your friends, and your far-fetched relatives are in this together with you. So grab your phone, iPad and just facetime them. Get connected all over again!

        Start planning all the things you would do the minute you get to step out of your house. You have all the time to reminisce about all the weird things you experienced together in this quarantine.


Well, the dance party is quite simple to do. You do not have to work too hard to put on a good show. Just choose your space and it is completely alright even if you don’t have a large apartment. Just prepare the music and set the mood for your fam jam ad it’s party time!


         Netflix’s party is easy. You just select a movie and time to watch it together with your friends. You can then create a group and talk about all your favorite scenes and scheduling the next time you are going to do it together.


   Quarantine is the best opportunity to get your TikTok app on feet now. Keep it running and make videos that have been trending recently. You are going to groove in the dialogues and the music. You could share it on your TikTok account too!


   This quarantine and the times of ‘social distancing’ is an ideal way to fill the gaps you had been experiencing with your loved ones at home. Because you should know that family, who cooks together stays together.

       So go ahead and cook your favorite meals with your family, maybe have a barbeque in the backyard. What else could have been better than cooking and eating together at these times during quarantine?


Go classic this quarantine! Pass your time by writing a letter to a relative, to a friend you completely lost touch with. It may sound chestnut now, but when you start, there is seriously no stopping you. Express what you had with them, and cherish all the times you were grateful you had them. It would make them smile and ultimately give you a smile of million bursts too!


Allow yourself to get a bit free of your digital electronics. You can do this by setting a screen time limit on your phones and tablets. Have your family time and allow everyone to use it once you have had your time together. This way you can put it in a habit and practice it more often even when you are not quarantined.


It is time to do some spring-cleaning or declutter your wardrobe. We know that it may not sound exactly that fun but when you do something together, everything makes sense and is fun. Especially when social distancing is bringing families closer than ever.

 Thus, do not miss the remarkable opportunity to clean your house with your gang and making this quarantine worthwhile.

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