We as locals, or as tourists must have heard the constant popping questions in our head, like who discovered Udaipur, or when did they do it, how are they celebrating it now? And, many more like these. What the following information full of history follows states that Udaipur, which is now the stunning city of lakes in the hues of Aravallis had been discovered in the 16th century on roughly 15th April 1553 CE  by Maharana Udai Singh. He had switched his capital from Chittorgarh to a lush valley district, which is now known as Udaipur. It had been an auspicious day for all the residents. Where one of the precious gems of Rajasthan had been discovered.

   You must have known that Udaipur experiences sunny days most of the times of the year, and enjoyable scenery that simply pleases the eye. What’s more to this city is just boundless of these features too. The impeccable history makes it all worth it to the end. It is what makes us realize that after all, all these years had been worth coming here.

     During times like these, it is clear that it was not possible to celebrate such a grand occasion altogether because let us just put it this way- people are dying out there. However, this surely won’t stop us from feeling the depth of pride and liberty in our hearts for the 467th time if you say.

     Udaipur had always been known as the historic capital city of Mewar. It was the former Rajputana agency, it remained that capital even after the British rules us and thereafter became ingrained to India after the ultimate independence. The Aravali range covered around the city makes it separate from the Thar Desert. Besides the lakes, Udaipur has always been fond of lakes, but what makes it even more special in our hearts is the alluring flora and fauna, the museums, the partisanship, and the splendid craftsmanship all around.

  About how it is celebrated would leave you chuffed. The city has been one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it has been truly commendable that it has been preserving its rich culture and heritage until date. Found on the Aakhaa-Teej day, the weekend at that time would not have been any more incredible. During those times, to protect Udaipur, the recently built capital from further attacks by the foes, Maharana Udai Singh ordered a 6-kilometer long wall to put off any hurt to the people and to the decisive kingdom. Yet again, this region of Udaipur is often heard as the walled city of Udaipur.

      How it is celebrated is all you would be wondering. Well, the tables have turned drastically after the WHO (World Health Organization) announced the Coronavirus (N COVID-19) the cause of a global emergency. We all have been hearing how the condition has been going worse than before, every single day and due to that, it is not just any year. It is the years to buckle up ourselves and face the pandemic with the instructions we are getting from the higher authorities every now and then.

With that utmost respect towards the city and the authorities, of course, people are not celebrating out there like they used to with school competitions, or with a Kavi Sammelan and Mushaira. We had the painting competition, the quizzes all around the schools and colleges to test the knowledge of history and a lot of fun at those tasks. Times have changed, but the pandemic has taken the complete toll. To prevent ourselves from causing harm to ourselves and to one another, people have been posting about the foundation day of Udaipur on their social media accounts. It has been bursting as bubbles all over the city and we are nothing bound to that with the utmost respect.    

    Thus, the foundation day, even after the global emergency called off has been made merry amongst the hearts of Udaipurites. The history and the mystery of Udaipur have been present for ages now. The 467Th  Foundation day could not have been better by the support and love for each other that we have by staying apart, yet staying together to face what comes to us at all.

Written by:- Aayushi Bajaj


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